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My Review Of Bloomberg CFA Review Course [2018]

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Overview Of Bloomberg's CFA Review Review Course

Bloomberg's CFA Review is a uniquely crafted CFA review course that focuses on using multiple choice explanations and interactive knowledge map to teach you the material.

If you are a self-studier who doesn't need video lectures then you are in the right place.

This fully digital course will provide you with the guidance you need to pass Level 1, 2 and 3 as quickly as possible.

Bloomberg's CFA course has a very unique study approach so be sure to try it before you by clicking the button below: 

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What I Learned About Bloomberg's CFA Review

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Bloomberg's CFA Review Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Most Multple Choice

Bloomberg offers 8,000+ practice questions (most in industry)

Adaptive Learning

The more questions you take the more targeted your suggested studying becomes based on your results.


Gain access to one on one tutoring from their CFA tutors or use their Ask-a-tutor messaging system who can discuss your progress, problem areas and give you personalized strategies.

Pass Guarantee

As long as you complete 95% of their course they will guarantee you will pass or your money back.

No Video Lectures or eBook

This course is specifically designed for folks who prefer to self-study and are able to teach themselves the content with multiple choice.

No Final Review

Bloomberg currently does not offer a dedicated Final Review. However they do provide you with 10 mock exams.

My Recommendation For You

No doubt Bloomberg CFA Prep is a unique review course compared to it's competition.

If you hate getting bogged down in thousands of pages of text and boring video lectures then Bloomberg CFA is a course you need to consider.

At it's affordable price, it is one of the most comprehensive CFA Review Courses available with the most practice questions currently available.

Be sure not to take my word though, compare Bloomberg to it's competition by joining their free 14 day trial which includes FULL access to their entire course and all Mock Exams.

Click the button below to get started.

NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Bloomberg's CFA Review is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision in the comment section below.

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Bloomberg's CFA Review Review Course Information

Bloomberg's CFA Review



Free Trial - Credit Card Required


Self-Study Review Course


Excellent customer support


10 Full Mock Exams


Affordable price

Bloomberg CFA Review
4 / 5 stars

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